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Neon Jelly Stitch Markers

$7.50 CAD

These easy to spot neon stitch markers are a huge hit around here, and we hope you love them too! Each rubber ring is smooth and flexible, making it easy to slip along with your knitting. You will receive a fun mix of neon pink, orange, yellow, green and blue in the size you select (approximate quantities are listed in brackets below). 

Available Sizes:

Mini (25) - fits up to a 2.5mm needle (perfect for sock projects!)

Small (25) - fits up to a 4.5mm/7us needle

Medium (20) - fits up to a 6.5mm/10.5us needle

Large (15) - fits up to a 9mm/13us needle

The small size is pictured to the left. Each set comes in a clear, resealable bag.